I am working in rain water drainage department in Unayza Municipality, KSA since April 2017. I worked as a highway design engineer in Bangladesh for more than two years. I have experience of managing and installing rain water drainage system. Collecting data using GPS (Stonex) and using those coordinates and elevation data, i can design drainage system using AutoCAD Civil 3D and ArcGIS. I have in field experience of designing and implementation of projects like construction of 5 kilometer long “2×4 m precast channel”. The channel went through rocky underground in some places 9 meters below ground level. I am also fluent in English, Arabic & Hindi beside my mother tongue which is Bangla. I scored 7 out of 9 in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) under British Council. I have also completed Arabic speaking courses conducted by Dhaka University and living in Saudi Arabia for more than a year now. I am very much interested in roads, highway, town planning and water drainage sectors. I believe i can work in any country in the world for my language and professional skills. But I’d prefer to work in Middle Eastern countries.

Unaizah or officially The Governorate of Unaizah’ is a Saudi Arabian city in the Al Qassim Province. It lies south of the province capital Buraydah and north of Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the second largest city in Al-Qassim Province with a population of 163,729.