Making a home in foreign lands.

In our five years of married life, me and sadia mostly lived in either her in-laws house(!!) or in my in-laws house! So we grabbed our first opportunity of being able to call a place “our house” with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. Things were very complicated as her varsity and my work place were more than a thousand kilometer apart. We met mostly on the weekends therefore couldn’t make the best use of Our highly anticipated “our home” situation. But a four month long humongous semester break gave us the chance to finally live like a proper married couple. We often invited all the neighboring bhai bhabis to our place and participated in as many social events as possible. My bou experimented on me with all the recipes she saw on internet and we both eventually found out she has an excellent cooking brain despite having nearly zero cooking experience. We drove around thousands of kilometers together all over the kingdom. So now that we are on our way to Bangladesh after a year for me and six months for her, at Riyadh airport, going through the photos of last six months, seven hour long transit doesn’t seem to be that long.

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